Checking Your Order Status

Modified on Thu, 12 Oct 2023 at 05:07 AM

As a reminder, you can always check the status of your investment by going to the [“Transaction History”](  section of your My Portfolio Dashboard.

There are four columns you want to pay attention to:  KYCStatusType, and E-Sign.

For KYC, you will see:

  • Run KYC: As the name suggests, this means we have not performed any AML/KYC verification.
  • Approved: This means you passed AML/KYC
  • Failed: This means you DID NOT pass the AML/KYC. We will contact you to request additional documentation in order to clear this error.

For Status, you will see:

  • Rejected: This likely means your payment was rejected. To fix this, click on the grey pencil icon to update your payment method.
  • Pending: This means your funds have not been received.
  • Payment Received: this means that your funds are in escrow.
  • Approved: This means your funds have cleared, AML/KYC check is good, and your order will be executed in the next Roll Close
  • Complete: this means that your investment is finalized (please be aware of the 21-day rule; no orders can be executed until 21 days after the first day the offering is made public).

For Type, you will see:

  • Contribution: This indicates you have an active order
  • Commitment: This means you have been put on the waiting list

For E-Sign, you will see

  • 2/2 Incomplete: This means that you have not signed the subscription agreement. Please go to the [My Documents]( folder, click on the “Awaiting another signature” folder, then click on the red box to open the e-sign and complete your side.
  • 1/2 Incomplete: This means the issuer has not signed.
  • Complete: This means both parties have signed and the order is complete. The executed subscription will now be in your [My Documents]( folder under “Completed”

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