Managing Your Investment Portfolio on Equifund

Modified on Thu, 12 Oct 2023 at 04:34 AM

Have you recently made an investment on the Equifund platform and you’re wondering what’s happening?

In this guide, you’ll learn how to view the status of all of your current investments, how long it takes for investments to be processed, and what to do if something doesn’t look right.

Your Equifund Portfolio Tools 

After making an investment, please navigate to the “My Portfolio” dashboard in your member portal by using this link:

You will see three tabs: Investments, Pending Transactions, and Transaction History

Transaction History will show a complete record of every transaction you have made on the platform. You’ll be able to view the investment amount, date of investment, KYC status, the investment status, and payment method.

The status column can show one of several values. 

  • Canceled: The transaction has been canceled
  • Rejected: The transaction was rejected by escrow and/or compliance 
  • Pending: Your investment order has been received but payment is currently being processed and sent to escrow (you will be notified of any payment processing issues).
  • Payment Received: Payment has been received in escrow
  • Complete: The transaction has been completed and shares have been issued

Here is a sample of what your portfolio could look like:

If the investment stats show “pending,” it will also be displayed under the “Pending Transactions” tab. If so, you will see an orange triangle icon with an “!” next to it. 

Here’s what this might look like:

If you click the “See Details” screen, you will be taken back to the investment confirmation page.

If for any reason you need to change your payment method, please email for assistance.

If for any reason you’d like to cancel your transaction, you can do so by clicking the “cancel transaction” button at the bottom of the page. 

If the status of your investment is “payment received” or “compete”, it will now display in the “Investments” tab. 

Here’s what this might look like:

Please keep in mind that just because something shows in your “Investments” tab doesn’t mean your shares have been issued. 

In order for that to happen, the company raising money (the “Issuer”) has to countersign the subscription agreement.

To see the status of this, please go to the Documents tab in your profile.  

If the status says “Awaiting Another Signature”, this means the Issuer has not yet countersigned the agreement.

 Please keep in mind that in order for the Issuer to sign the subscription agreement, funds must be cleared in escrow and the investor must pass AML/KYC.

This can take 1-4 weeks depending on a variety of factors.

For this reason, the Issuer will often sign subscription agreements in batches. This is done at the discretion of the Issuer. 

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